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Available Artworks

In my art I break rules and conventions to create a world full of creative and colorful energy. Each work is an explosion of expressiveness that evokes emotions and engages the senses.

Welcome to my world of art, where boundaries blur and the impossible becomes possible.

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Painted in creative spurts

These works of art are like windows into the soul and allow you to feel the humanity behind the brushstrokes. The paintings convey empathy and feeling. Let yourself be touched by these paintings and feel the magic of art


The paintings from the EMOTIONAL series are works of art that aim to evoke strong feelings and sensations in the viewer. They can represent different emotions such as joy, sadness, fear, love or anger. These paintings often feature vivid colors, expressive brushstrokes, and an intense depiction of the human figure or face, and can cause the viewer to identify with the emotions depicted or to reflect on their own emotions. Each painting tells a story or conveys a certain mood.


Blue Emotions

The paintings in the BLUE EMOTION series are painted in blue. The bodies and faces are in different shades, with the color intended to create a cool, calming atmosphere. The closed eyes convey a deep, almost meditative calm, of thoughtfulness and dreaming. But here too, the viewer can engage in self-reflection and delve deeper into the color blue.

Painted in creative spurts

Implementing spontaneous creative inspirations, according to your desires, good mood and mood without worrying about conventions or rules. These paintings are the expression of my joy in painting my inner "crazy" and playing with faces, eyes, colors and poses. It is the pure joy of being creative and exploring the boundaries of art.

Thomas Mattausch Art is also rebellion.jpg

This art is also REBELLION

The paintings from the REBELLION series are characterized by their provocative and controversial nature. They are often expressions of protest, resistance and disobedience. They are intended to challenge the viewer to think about the established order and to adopt a critical perspective. They are a powerful means of denouncing grievances and raising the voice of the oppressed.

Sold and archived paintings

Browse through the archived paintings or get an overview of the paintings that have already been sold from 2022

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